We believe that promotional material for your business should be exceptional. At Orchard Media Solutions, we create promotional, educational and functional films which are all carefully crafted and beautifully presented. We aim to provide you with engaging content that will generate value back into your company.


With over 10 years’ working in the Offshore Oil and Gas sector, we have the essential knowledge and experience to ensure that whatever vision you have, we can deliver it and exceed your expectations. Our passion for making high quality media productions is evident in every aspect of our business. Your time, values and ideas are important to us, ensuring that all of our productions are carefully honed to represent your business.


Every film we create is bespoke, perfected in accordance with your individual requirements. This guarantees that all your video or media production will be completely unique


To learn more about what we can do for your business, please get in touch via our contacts page


For all Wedding Film enquiries please contact

Orchard Wedding Films


Social Media Advertising

Social Media has become a very large part of every business. In fact it has been predicted that by 2017, 70% of all online content will be video orientated. (1)


Therefore it is important to ensure that you are not missing out on this important area of your business. So how do you get started with creating a unique video that represents your business and delivers your message to your customers? Orchard Media Solutions specialises in bringing Social Media Advertising away from the large TV orientated studios, and providing a more targeted audience approach that meets the needs of your business.


From the start we establish what exactly your business is and who your potential customers are, from there we are able to create a video that promotes your business in the best possible way.


Advertising and Music copyright can be a tricky affair, and we take away all the hassle from this by taking care of it for you. All of our packages include licensed music so why not get in touch to find out more.


(1) - Guardian 2015


Offshore Video Production

Orchard Media Solutions is fully accredited to undertake a variety of Offshore Oil & Gas related projects.


Although primarily we operate within the UKCS, we are able to travel to more remote locations if required.


What we can offer:-


- Health and Safety Videos

- Platform Induction Videos

- Upgrade Project before and after films

- Decommissioning Commemorative Films

- Rig Milestone Celebratory Films

Commercial & Event Photography

Multi Camera Event Filming

Whatever event you have planned, you have spent considerable effort in setting it up and making sure it all runs smoothly. 


For a variety of different reasons you may wish to have it filmed.


Orchard Media has been covering events in the North-East of Scotland for over 6 years now and we pride ourselves on ensuring that your event is captured professionally and discreetly.


Theatre Productions


Seminars and Conferences

Live Streaming