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The Brief

To create a short advertising film to promote the upcoming Peterhead Pantomine and to raise awareness that tickets were on sale. The film needed to capture the imagination of young and old, and bring a new, fresh approach to the Pantomine that would be evident in the final performance.

Our Delivery

With this project we were given full control of what the film would look like. Our first task was to develop a story board and pick out the key themes from the story. We decided which cast members we would require and choose a location for the shoot. We also developed a call sheet to help the producers of the Pantomine get the necessary props.

Filming took place during one day over two locations and was the final film was delivered in less than 48 hours. The deadline was tight, but we knew this in advance and were confident we could deliver what was required in time.

The film itself was used on the Pantomine's Facebook page and tickets were sold out within hours of going online.

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